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01-30-2010 until 01-02-2018
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Clarification of Our Care Taking Policy

care |ke(ə)r|
1 the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something : the care of the elderly | the child is safe in the care of her grandparents.
2 serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage.

guidance |ˈgīdəns|
1 advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty

Greetings Everyone,

We feel it opportune and appropriate at this time to do what we feel is our duty and responsibility as the originating energy of RFC to take 'care' and give members of the 'fammunity' more background as to our perhaps unusual approach. The intention is that it will hopefully assist members and give you proper guidance in your forum activity.

As Firstgarden has more eloquently enunciated, RFC is an ongoing live experiment in this, a 'virtual' world. Our intention for it is one of an exploration into the possibilities of the power of co-operation for the highest good of its members and all and everyone. It is an experiment because, again hopefully, it will in some respects use unproven and perhaps untested methods not in our experience found elsewhere. This makes for certain unusual possibilities and at the same time can be a cause of difficulties for some/many.

One of the ways we are seemingly 'different' is in the way RFC is 'moderated'. It is our contention that control is an ineffective methodology, although it can seem effective in the short run and is rather 'easy' to do. The reason we feel this common approach is counter productive for the long run good is that it requires interfering in the innate sovereignty of people, whatever their age or position. This is, we feel, a recipe for conflict, as everyone is searching for freedom, which is a 'Good'. And 'conflict' is counter productive because it is a waste of our life energy, itself a necessary ingredient to succeed with our intention of cooperation in the quest for a growing ability to effect the highest good for all. So what should be the approach by those of us who, imperfect as we are, as the forum initiators have a certain responsibility in providing a 'space' which is conducive to implementing the stated intention. One challenge we face is how to deal with those other imperfect members who from time to time will invariable make 'mistakes' in their action of forum posting contribution(s). Our approach is to encourage self-moderation/correction as best we are able. This is an ongoing growth full challenge for us and, apparently, many other members .

So how can we know when we have made a 'mistake', because if our personal intention is good and we knew better we would not make any mistakes. We think the answer to that lies in the true 'feeling' engendered. Our contention is that 'mistakes' don't provide for 'true good feelings' in ourself and others. It is our understanding that the difficulty here is that 'emotions' are mistaken for feelings and also that true feelings are not properly valued. This is due to our improper/ineffective so called education, which in reality was pressurized conditioning, and one result of which is the endemic addiction to mood altering substances/processes, engaged as a (quick and easy) way to 'feel good'. One result of all this is that we are generally not actually very sensitive to how we/things actually 'feel', and tend to generate emotions as a course substitute. This is one of the deeply ingrained imperfections which the forum is attempting to assist in correcting, and we find is itself no small undertaking.

In implementing our 'care taking' , we allow some reasonable time before getting involved, to provide members the space to self-reflect and, hopefully, self-moderate/correct their mistakes. Of course this is fraught with the danger that it also gives those affected by the error(s) a chance to fuel and post their reactive emotions. This we feel cannot be avoided, so is a price we must pay and deal with as best we can, such as this missive.

In light of recent events, we feel that we need to clarify that, as First Garden pointed out, we had previously modified our position in regards to the discussion of delicate topics such as religion and politics, but failed to amend the formal description of our posting guidelines accordingly. This has now been rectified in order to reflect that. Religion and politics may be discussed on RFC, however we will be rigorous in summarily deleting any content which contains personal denigration of others, whether they be individuals or public figures.

All blessings,
Don & Carmella
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