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01-30-2010 until 01-02-2018
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New RFC Care Taker Policy and Member Guidance

care |ke(ə)r|
1 the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something : the care of the elderly | the child is safe in the care of her grandparents

guidance |ˈgīdəns|
1 advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, esp. as given by someone in authority : he looked to his father for inspiration and guidance.

"Even the dark is attracted to the light"

RFC is an ongoing virtual space experiment intended/dedicated to engaging the power of co-operation towards encouraging and assisting the personal growth and highest good for all.

This experiment is actively engaged by all members, which membership is a privilege, not a right.

The moderation/care taking/leadership it requires is central to this undertaking, and its challenge cannot and will not be tolerated, as it would threaten any possible success.

Socrates, one of our mentors, said that the highest form of governance was a true monarchy requiring enlightened person(s). The second was a benevolent dictatorship. Since we don't feel we are enlightened, we will operate our governance as the latter.

In response to recent events, we the initiators of the forum have decided on the following action for the highest good of all:

- intention is key and anyone who we feel does not come to be members of RFC with a positive intention towards it will be privately summarily banned for one week.

- after this period, membership will be provisionally reinstated. should they wish to continue with us and before posting again we will be open to a PM from them stating their intention and revised approach. If we feel good about that, they will be given the chance to be a positive force. If not, the banishment will be re-invoked permanently.

- this action is not and will not be subject to challenge. Any member who finds the atmosphere and operation of RFC problematic is invited to go elsewhere, as this surely means that there is an energetic disharmony which is counter productive to our intended mission.


All blessings,
Don & Carmella
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