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Why the name Raw Freedom Community?
RAW: refers to the energy enhancing purity and goodness of everything coming from Nature or in its Natural state. FREEDOM: it is our understanding that every sentient being has been created with the gift of freedom, which is a Good, and members will be encouraged and supported to honor that in each other. COMMUNITY: refers to the entity created when two or more sovereign beings freely join together for a common and mutually advantageous purpose.

What does the 'BETA' forum status mean?
During this initial phase of RFC forum, the 'BETA' status is a reminder to our members that not everything will be fully functional on the site and that they can expect to see certain adjustments being made. There also may be short periods when we may need to completely shut down in order to install upgrades or mods.

Who started this forum?
Don and Carmella

Are they getting paid for this?
No. The entire forum is run on a voluntary basis. That's right, we're not getting paid for this. All members are treated equally on this forum, including us! This project is an extension of our desire to assist everyone in our common journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Who is this forum for, exactly?
Everyone with a good intention and wishing to explore the power of cooperation by freely giving and receiving, learning and teaching, for the betterment of all.

What is RFC Forum about?
Whatever the members makes it.

Does membership cost anything?
No. Members may voluntarily donate or buy RFC products when available (at big discounts) but RFC membership will always be totally free.

Can a member have more than one RFC account?
No. This would compromise our revenue sharing system.

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