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Hi Rawleah, I have not much knowledge about blood thinnings and wombs but being the yoga expert that I am - I know of some techniques which may help her strengthen her womb, thus increasing blood flow.

I have googled some for you, but you can google some more for it is 6.15 in the morning and I am still AWAKE!!!!

1.Agni Sara - paragraph 4 line 6, about suggested postures.

2.Yoga and pregnancy.

Another is Vajroli Mudra, I could not find the appropriate link. This is a lock, a little like the Kegel exercise.

I would suggest your friend go to a highly experienced yoga teacher and tell that teacher so she can be accessed. I myself have helped plenty of students help themselves where even doctors could not. For instance a lady how has had migraines for 13 YEARS!!! and she is only 23!! Yup you did the calculations right, she had migraines at age 10!!! When she first came to see me she said she has migraine for 10 years and even doctors cannot help - and I went of course doctors cannot help!! I was shocked to hear that and she was shocked when I told her its because her breathing is not good. She said yes, it is always blocked, either on one nostrils mostly sometimes even both - so yoga helped her!! And plenty other miracles!! But your friend has to find a really experienced yoga teacher!! Or a yoga therapists if there is any in your area.

Miracles can happen through yoga but many other areas can help too... like diet, positive thinking, environment etc. Yoga is not completely the 100% answer do not get me wrong but I can say so for i have helped changed many peoples' lives for the better... my best to your friend.
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