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Medical Doctor Sues Government After Vaccines Damage Daughter (Autism)
Posted: 22 Jun 2011 04:09 AM PDT Jason Christoff's Blog <>

Click here and this: to view this 4 minute news report about two parents who sued the government (and won) because vaccines clearly injured their daughter. What looks like a regular news report (showing vaccines are indeed much more dangerous than parents are told) is riddled with words and phrases intended to manufacturer doubt about vaccines being neither safe or effective.
Here’s what to look for. There are fibs intermingled with truth in that short news report.
1. There’s no such thing as “autism like symptoms” — autism is only identified through symptoms (not blood tests etc) so if you have “autism like symptoms” you do indeed have autism - the idea of “autism like symptoms” is a fib intended to invent a new category of damage that’s safe from litigation
2. The parents won the award because it was 100% certain that the vaccine damaged the child – the child was permanently damaged by the toxic vaccine – this is truth
3. Autism itself is no more a disease than a shot gun wound is a disease (yes there’s damage but it was done to you and it wasn’t by accident) – Autism is a form of brain damage caused by toxins in vaccines – saying autism is a disease is a fib – this is meant to confuse parents into believing you “catch” autism like you catch a cold – as opposed to the vaccine (and a doctor) hurting your child while telling you vaccines are completely safe
4. The news report talks of a genetic disposition/abnormality triggering the autism in this girl – all humans are genetically susceptible to cellular damage (and cellular death) when exposed to large quantities of poison – it’s the old “blame the victim instead of the vaccine” – her genes were faulty but never the vaccine – there isn’t a shovel big enough to move that pile around – no organism on the planet can be exposed to toxins without experiencing some form of cellular death or damage – cellular death from toxins is how “life” works – the idea of a cell dying, when exposed to toxins, because of an abnormality is a fib – every cell exposed to toxins will be damaged (or die)……..THAT’S NORMAL, NOT ABNORMAL
5. If an infant was damaged by a vaccine, you would never notice until the child was older. The damage to this child was obvious because of her age. This means, if an infant is damaged by a vaccine………you wouldn’t know until it’s too late to make the connection…………and that’s just what vaccine manufacturers are hoping for……vaccinating infants when you can’t gauge if they’re damaged or not (because of their age and immature faculties) is a fib
6. The government sealed the report and deal (even though it was paid with tax payer dollars) because I believe part of the 30 million dollar deal was to have the medical doctor (father) come out to endorse vaccines at a later date……………..which he did in later TV interviews. Vaccines destroyed his daughter’s ability to live a normal life but he still tells parents to bring their children for vaccinations. There’s more here than meets the eye. His future endorsement of vaccines is a fib. Funny thing……..the mother was never seen on TV endorsing the vaccines that injured her daughter. I wonder how much medical training she needed to understand vaccines aren’t safe? Just like Dr. Oz’s wife (who doesn’t endorse vaccines), they’re told to keep their opinions to themselves.

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