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IMAGINE THIS? are they forgetting? '' EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED TO KNOW YOU LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN"" ? Be nice to one another !

'm not done with vaccinations yet. Keep reading for more on one of the country's most rapidly growing movements.

.............The growing army of the unvaccinated

It's become a legal and politically correct form of discrimination: Unvaccinated kids are being booted from schools, summer camps, and even doctor's offices.

They're trying to make you feel like some kind of fringe weirdo for refusing to pump your kid full of live viruses, mercury, formaldehyde, chicken eggs, DNA from aborted fetuses, and all the other junk used in those shots.

But you're not a weirdo -- and you're not even fringe: New numbers show that a full 10 percent of American families now refuse or delay common childhood vaccinations.

And that's just the beginning -- because the survey in Pediatrics finds that even parents who toe the party line are having big-time doubts over this whole vaccination thing.

Twenty-five percent of those who get every vaccination say they believe it would be safer to delay some of them -- and nearly 30 percent say they don't think there's any harm in skipping the least necessary shots.

I agree -- as long as by "least necessary" you mean ALL of them!

Here are the facts: Vaccinations haven't protected or "saved" children. They've actually compromised the powerful natural immunity of the human body, making people weaker and sicker in the long run.

The perfect example is chickenpox. Kids used to get it all the time in early childhood, when all it meant was a few days of itching and scratching -- and then they were done with it. Immunity for life !

You probably remember that yourself.

Today, the chickenpox vaccine has practically eliminated it in those early years -- but vaccinated kids and adults alike are now getting it later in life instead, when it can be dangerous and even deadly.

That's just one shot -- the rest are no better, and many are far worse.

The Institute of Medicine recently admitted that common vaccines can cause seizures, brain inflammation, infection, body encephalitis, pneumonia, meningitis, hepatitis and more -- and this was in a statement in DEFENSE of vaccinations!

If anyone treats you like a fringe weirdo for opposing vaccinations, just show them that. That should shut 'em up. Proudly on the fringe,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
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