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immune system

I love to see this thread and that people are concerned about the health of their children and are willing to look into this. I have found this rare amongst people. I began researching vaccines when i got pregnant a year ago, and it took months before i made my decision. It's sad that so much effort is required on behalf of parents to find the truth, most people don't have as much free time as I did nor the medical interest to read through the literature. I will not be vaccinating. I could type here for hours about the things I've read, but frankly I'm burnt out on debating with people.

Simply put, i believe our bodies are the most amazing living things out there, created in perfection and in complexity we will never fully understand. If we take care of our body it will (as it was designed to do) take care of us. We have an immune system for a purpose. My stance is simply to let the body do what it was intended to do. How can man, who has only touched the tip of the ice burg in understanding biological functions (especially in the case of young developing children) create something superior.
My promise to my child is to create a healthy environment for him to grow in, and to keep him as free of toxins as possible. This I believe will let his body create true natural immunity and live a long healthy life.

I love my son and value his health above everything.

Here are a few books I read discussing vaccines.
Vaccination is not Immunization by Tim O'shea (he updates this yearly and includes many references if your interested in further research)
Vaccines by Neil Z. Miller
Dr Schulze has a cold and flu manuel in which he discusses vaccines (You can read this on his website
Dr Mendelsohn writes about them in his book How to raise a healthy child in spite or your doctor
These are just a few but they helped me. I also recommended as the others have seeing a Naturopath and steering clear of pediatricians.
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