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Old 02-26-2010, 06:08 AM
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nice thread!

Love the bit about Gratitude, Freespirit! we can get so caught up in what to eat and what not to eat - it's always so important to be grateful we even HAVE a choice!
A choice to eat grass!
"Be your own doctor" (wigmore) was the first book i read about raw/nutrition that hit home, when i was about 19. It totally changed my eating habit/style immidiately. sprouts and wheatgrass are amazing

Mosaica! Making kraut/kim chee - whatever - is sooooooooooooo easy! try it and you will be giggling to yourself! it's really quite ridiculously easy. getting used to the taste/smell, however, if it's not appealing to you, could be a bit trickier. I find the recipes can be quite varied, too, as to how much salt etc. but i have made it with NO salt for years - i just started adding salt last year. It's all good. i love the kim-chee and have made it now a few times with no garlic or onion. it's great.

As to High raw/high living-foods...i generally go by quantity. if i have a meal that is a huge salad with sprouts and greens and cabbage and kraut, with some cooked buckwheat mixed in, i'd say it's about 90% raw - depending on how much buckwheat. But it's definitely not 10% of the salad is buckwheat - less than that, but because buckwheat is a more dense food, i'd consider it's impact on the percentage a bit more --- you know what i mean? but i agree with most people here - don't worry about it too much! follow your instincts and listen to what your body is saying. seems that most people crave more cooked in the winter. generally i go all days raw then sometimes some part of the meal cooked for dinner (for persnickity kids, sometimes neccesary) which goes well with the food combining, usually.
i made these oat burgers last night and was just aware that, although i am cooking them, i cook them on REEEALLLY low heat and just enough to heat them through. this at least is better than frying them like mad in oil and then blasting them in a microwave...

so then, what do you consider cooked?
when i take some things out of the D, they are definitely not LIVE anymore to me?! soooo...??? i guess more of the enzymes are intact, but they are GENTLY cooked...so, i don't pay too much attention to all this. i have found a good balance to be about 70-80% FRESH foods - focusing on fresh, closest to the source, local vegetables and fruits (sprouts!) and the remainder sprouted grain, seeds, nuts and some cooked foods (even eggs sometimes and other random things that are fun, like pizza and pasta when i feel the need.
i eat lots of blended veggies, which i LOVE>>>>makes a quick easy meal
i know my vitamix didn't grow in the forest, but sometimes i pretend that it did!
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