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Old 01-21-2012, 07:58 PM
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changing picky eater over to vegan/raw

Hi, I am ashamed to say that I turned my daughter into a picky eater - and her few choices are not healthy. To be fair to myself I grew up in the midwest and had NO education on healthy eating and listened to my doctor who said not to push her to eat other foods as she might develop an eating disorder, which I have - overeater and obese. I've started eating vegan and raw and want to start my daughter on it, too, but not sure how to get those foods into her diet. She literally throws up at the smell of many foods, but I know that the diet she is eating right now, a lot of processed, is going to kill her eventually. She is nine now and has a lack of energy and black circles under her eyes. I'm thinking I may just have to force her at this point, but she does seem to have some actual food sensitivities, so not sure what to do. Is anybody on this forum someone who went from a regular US western diet to vegan/raw and helped their family switch as well? Any suggestions would be welcomed!
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Old 04-21-2012, 01:37 PM
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i have kind of learned that if my daughter (who is 4) is not interested in something, then she will just not eat it. and i should let it go. who knows, maybe she'll come around one day and try one of my veggie burgers or zucchini noodles? i try to stick to stuff i KNOW she loves, and then let her pick the rest of her meals/snacks.

for instance, she loves smoothies. and will even drink green smoothies. so if you haven't tried that, give it a shot. spinach is nice and mild and often isn't detectable.
always have lots of fruit on display as well. bananas, apples, kiwis, oranges, etc. strawberries if there are nice organic ones at the store, grapes....you can cut them up and make a nice fruit salad, top with a bit of shredded coconut.
and also, raw desserts. they are soooo much healthier (& tastier!) than packaged sugar-filled cookies and ice cream.
another idea is a snack plate with grape tomatoes and sliced cucumber. maybe some hummus if your daughter likes that?

good luck! hope i helped
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