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Old 05-07-2007, 04:05 PM
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Raw Fajitas! (Recipe of the Month)


2 cups Yellow Pepper (I just blended 2 big yellow peppers)
5 Cups Frozen Corn (THAWED)
2 Medium Zuccini
2 Tsp Nutritional Yeast
1 Tbsp Onion Powder
1 Avocado
3 Tbsp Psyllium
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
1/2 Tsp Sea Salt

Blend everything but the Avocado, then cream the avocado in last.
Quickly, so the psyllium doesn't thicken too much (I did not rush and had no problem), pour 1/2 to 2/3 cup circles on Dehydrator Sheet, 4 per tray. I spaced them out, then kind of "shook" the tray to spread them. I used a spoon/knife to do the rest.....

Dehydrate them like 4 hours ONLY, then flip. They will appear to be too soft and even so thin they are cracking in places. But peel the teflex off gently and then, like with the enchiladas, then use a knife to "spackle" them back together. Dehydrate like 2.5 more hours or so and they are GOOD TO GO. These buggers are STRONG. Carmella gets a kiss when I ever meet her for sharing this gem of an idea. Muah!

Marinade Portabella strips, red onion strips, and bell pepper strips in a lot of olive oil (I saved the bag), some Braggs (if you use it), a bit of sea salt (more if you use no Braggs) and like 3 Tbsp Taco Seasoning and a TON of Cumin. I didn't use enough, then added like another 1/2 cup (Note: I used 1 1b ginormous red onion, 3 sizeable portabellas, and 1 giant pepper. It made enough for like 10 FAT, FILLING Fajitas. I probably used 1.5 cups olive oil, then squeezed out the filling later (they shrink in the oil). MARINADE TO YOUR LIKING, BUT DEFINITELY GO HEAVY ON THE CUMIN AS THAT IS YOUR FAJITA TASTE. :-)

Cream some cashews with water until sour cream consistency (a thin paste). Whip them good. Then, leave out overnight (I blared my heat as otherwise my apt is like a warmer fridge, meaning it's chilly but bearable).

The next day, mix up sour cream and taste. Keep adding fresh lemon juice (if needed at all) until desired sour cream taste.

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Old 06-28-2010, 08:11 AM
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Yumm, sounds delicious! I have been wanting to make raw corn chips but am waiting till corn is ripe--almost the season! We can buy it off the farmer's truck at the farmer's market in the summer.
Frozen corn is not raw; unless you freeze them yourself, frozen vegetables are blanched before being frozen, just so you know.
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