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Old 05-20-2007, 10:46 AM
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Lightbulb Finding Freedom

Our Approach To Finding Human FREEDOM!

Our contention is nothing less than that the entire foundational structure of our 'belief' system (virtual reality) is fatally flawed, and this has caused mans' individual and collective psychology to become unbalanced and neurotic. This seems to have been the case since the beginning of recorded history.

Therefore, the challenge for each of us must surely be to create a new, coherent, and stable psychology, if we are to have any chance to escape the monstrous trap we all find ourselves caught up in. This will, of course, be no easy task. However, to our minds, there is no viable alternative. How are we to even begin this enormous quest?

Lets start with a new foundation or working model.


We have found the following concepts to be, if not completely provably true, at least an effective working hypothesis:

• there is a Creative Force of life itself which is inherently perfectly Good and can therefore be completely trusted

• this Creative Force is infinite/eternal and beyond measure

• our consciousness is limited, and therefore the Force must remain essentially a mystery

• life is a wondrous, never ending interplay of ever changing energies

• some necessary measure of those energies are given to all created entities, and any energetic diminishment of such will be problematic

• therefore, any psychology which causes a waste of energy must be eradicated, if we are to live a life of joy and fulfillment

• our conditioned psychological structure is unbalanced (neurotic), and this condition causes us to conduct our lives in energetically wasteful ways

Now, perhaps you feel you are already free. Are you really?
To answer that question, we must define:

what is freedom?

Is it just being able to travel around and think whatever we want? Or is it much deeper; to be free from the common problems of fear, pressure, influence, conflict, guilt and all the rest of it.

When put in these terms, it becomes a much more difficult proposition, does it not? And if we are not free, does that not necessarily imply that we are actually enslaved by these energies or problems? Oh oh!

This kind of fact, so huge and overwhelming, can be very difficult to face or admit. We must do it, however, if we are to have any chance to see our way through to a solution. Are you prepared for the most arduous, but also most rewarding, challenge you have ever faced? If your answer is yes, we salute you for your courage and audacity and are honored to have you with us.

This situation in which we find ourselves (virtual slavery) is a very difficult and complex one, and therefore it must be approached as simply as possible.

In that light, and for the purposes of this exploration, we would like to propose that we use the following as our starting point:

Proposition: Everything is Energy!

If that’s true, a human life could be most simply described as a process of receiving and applying energy. Obviously, trouble will arise if one doesn't get enough, or wastes it by misapplication.

If we, individually and/or collectively, are experiencing problems in life, as indeed is the case, the cause must lie in one or both of these areas.

Now, the question arises, are we receiving sufficient energy from the Source? Perhaps this is the problem. Surely not, for it seems evident to us that nature supplies an abundance of energy for all of its’ creation to function as it was meant to do. So if that’s not the source of our difficulties, where else could it lie?

Could the root cause of our problems be this: that the basic education we all receive as to how to conduct our lives is fatally flawed, in that it causes unnecessary energetic waste? We think that this is actually what is happening.


Addiction Formation

Have we not been conditioned to attempt to gain an advantage in life by constantly using thought to predict the future?

We do this by mentally projecting from the past through the present into the imagined future. Although this seems to be a logical approach, it unfortunately breeds the painfully pressurized psychological states of FEAR and DESIRE.

In order to cope with this pressure, we are taught to numb the pain with all kinds of psychology and substances, which inevitably leads to mental neurosis and various addictions.

Addictions are repetitive unnecessary actions conducted as a means to an end, which is to numb pain. They are not a solution to the problem because they do not deal with the root cause. Their terribly debilitating side effects create additional difficulties, not to mention the vast energy loss incurred.

These processes, all of which consume energy, are all unbalanced, and come loaded with negative side effects, both physical and psychological. This causes even more painful pressure, and you can see the energetic negative spiral that is created.

This whole process is so endemic in society that it is accepted and ‘normalized’. Hence we have a designer coffee shop and pub on every second street corner. Substance abuse is relatively easy to acknowledge but difficult to cure. Negative psychological processes are even more problematic. These must include rationalization, justification, condemnation, and sublimation, along with comparison/competition, control, domination, manipulation, and various forms of conflict. All a terrible waste of energy!


The next major energy waste involves the psychological movement of resistance to various Facts of Life or, in other words, 'What Is'

This process of acceptance/rejection, like/dislike, craving/aversion and so on, is a form of conflict with 'what is'. It consumes a great deal of energy, all of which is completely wasted. This is so because it engenders no positive effect on the situation, and in fact generates even more energy depleting side effects.

What a mess we have created. Is there a solution?

Coming next: How the revolutionary science of Quantum Mechanics/Physics can help us!

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Old 05-20-2007, 11:16 AM
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Observation and Quantum Physics

Many serious spiritual ‘teachers’ throughout history have transmitted, each in their own unique way, a truth about spiritual/personal growth that has now been proven by Quantum science. That truth is simply this; that to ‘observe’ something (in any way – directly or indirectly) causes it to change. Quantum scientists discovered this when attempting to moniter / look at their experiments. They found it impossible to do it without impacting on the experiments’ results.

Now you say, "sure, to be conscious is to ‘look’ at, or be ‘aware’ of, what is happening around us". Yes, of course. But Quantum science has found that consciousness is in some mysterious way a necessary ingredient to the very creation of the material realm we find ourselves a part of. This means we are all individually co-creating the/our world on an ongoing basis by the very act of being conscious. There are powerful ramifications, such as responsibility, which stem from that amazing fact.

But there is a bit more to know about this critically important process. From our understanding, and put most simply and directly, what is important is the 'quality of the awareness'. Any form will cause change, but only if the consciousness is Objective will a complete and positive Transformation take place. Krishnamurti’s phrase says it best for us: “Choiceless Awareness or Observation of What Is” is what is important.

This understanding highlights the importance of another ancient wisdom teaching; the necessity for being honest or true to ones’ self /others. (“The Truth Shall Set You Free”)

Only in that way, being True, can one hope to engender the psychological capacity for objectivity/choicelessness. This requirement is one of the major challenges that all of us face on the Freedomroad, and it is deserving of all the energy commitment necessary in order to achieve it.

Quantum Mechanics/Physics,

for those a bit unfamiliar, is the name given to the revolutionary science that has been shaking up the old guard world view since its' beginning sometime early last century.

(Now, we are no scientific genius's here and we don't need you to be either, but fortunately that isn't required in order to see how the possibilities start to get interesting in light of these discoveries.)

So, for the past 80 odd years or so, many of the best minds out there have been working on this quantum business, and one of the best words to describe what they have been finding is - WEIRD!

Now hold on a second, don't jump to the conclusion that means necessarily Flaky and stuff, ok.

Lots of these 'weird' discoveries have been proven to be true by experiments and high mathematics. Richard Feinman has said that "nobody understands Quantum Physics", and he won the Nobel prize for his Quantum work. It's just that...

What they are finding out is; that how the universe works is difficult, if not impossible, for our limited minds to 'grok', so to speak.

(by the way, we wouldn't even have the computers we are using right now if it wasn't for quantum science, as many current components rely for their very existence on applied quantum technology!)

Here are some of the interesting things they have discovered about our quantum universe.

- The Uncertainty Principle (nothing can be known for sure, only approximated)

- Simply observing something in any way, directly or indirectly, (and not just visually) changes it, even transforms it!

- Certain 'things' like light and some other sub-atomic 'particles' can be two different things at the same time (waves and particles)

- some particle pairs act in absolute perfect harmony at great distances from one another, with no known means of communication

- conscious observation seems to be required to bring the physical into existence

In addition, various experiments have proved the following:

- the molecular structure of water has been shown by photographs to be dramatically affected merely by placing paper with different words written on it, such as love, hate, beauty, conflict etc. on top of the container. The positive words engendered harmony in the structure, while the negative caused the opposite effect.

- statistical studies have proved various psychic phenomena, such as remote viewing, healing, unacounted for knowledge of ancient history and languages, etc.

- wild animals in different parts of the world will suddenly change the same behavior at exactly the same time.

All this to show that classical mechanics/physics, which has formed the foundational basis of our collective world view for eons, is being proved fallacious in many important areas.

So what, you say? Well, it makes things a bit tricky, (to say the least) when we use our conscious minds to try and 'figure things out' here in this marvelous creation we call 'Life', not to mention getting a handle on finding our way out of our individual and collective predicament. On the other hand, from these discoveries some new approaches are suggesting themselves, as well as unlikely support for some ancient wisdom teachings.

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