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Old 03-14-2008, 10:57 AM
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Vaccine Information Websites

Here is a website that has several articles on vaccines and childhood vaccinations.


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Old 09-30-2008, 09:34 AM
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Vaccination no longer makes any sense. Or did it ever?

The much-acclaimed benefits of the latest vaccine against Hib meningitis also seem to be unfounded. In a pro-vaccine study published in 1993 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the children in the control group who didn't receive the vaccine also experienced a drastic reduction in the cases of Hib infection - from 99.3 to 68.5 per 100,000.

The latest problem arising from the use of vaccines is that they can cause the body to develop viral "mutants" and even spread the newly created disease to the population at large. Since viral mutants are rarely detected in blood donor screening, they can easily be transmitted through donated blood. This way, the original vaccines may be able to wipe out the strains of virus that are known to cause these various diseases, but in the same stroke they cause other mutant strains of virus to thrive.

Research also showed that a single injection of any kind could increase the risk of paralysis fivefold. Polio, for example, is more common in developing countries where children receive more injections than in developed countries. A study published in 1995 by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that injection of the polio vaccine actually caused outbreaks of the disease.

A 1993 report released by the American National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine concluded that virtually all nine vaccines given to children have at some time been proved to cause damage, including such complications as shock, convulsions, or paralysis. The problem is that a child's body is expected to cope with not just one type of poison contained in one vaccine, but with several different ones contained in as many as nine vaccines. Many children have died or become permanently and severely brain damaged within days after immunization. In many cases, however, the adverse effects from vaccination are less devastating but still serious enough to take a good look at the reasons why parents haven't been informed. In many countries, parents are actually forced by law to immunize their children.

Unfounded Vaccination Hysteria

It has long been known that, in some illnesses such as measles, chicken pox and scarlet fever, one bout of the illness usually provides lifelong immunity. A second experience with measles or scarlet fever is extremely rare.

The concepts of medicine formulated in the 19th century were partially based on the understanding by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, who observed that an illness manifests signs and symptoms that travel from the inner vital organs and blood circulation to the outer surface of the body. These symptoms would often be visible as a rash or as a discharge of blood, mucus or pus. This "throwing off" of an illness was considered a natural healing response expected to return the body to a state of balance or equilibrium. Hippocrates perceived this labor as a cooking and digesting (pepsis) of our inner poisons during an inflammatory illness. It was also observed that immunity to or protection from an illness arose when a person had that illness before. Today we consider a disease as being an enemy that we need to battle against.

Contrary to common understanding, an inflammatory-infectious illness does not begin when we become exposed to and are infected with a virus or bacterium, but when our body starts its response. The magnitude of our body's response (severity of illness) is not only influenced by the magnitude of the infection, but also by the stamina and inherent strength in us. The healing force employed by the body depends on multiple factors, such as emotions, spiritual foundation, diet, lifestyle, environment, etc. Our immunity certainly does not depend on whether we have been vaccinated against infectious agents.

The crucial factor of strong immunity is due to our immune system's ability to keep the germs at bay or fight them. If the vigor of our immune response is weak, germs are likely to infect us. But normally, the majority of germ "invasions" occur silently, without ever disturbing us. Symptoms of disease occur only at the time the immune system decides it is necessary to aggressively defend itself against harmful influences.

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) was the first researcher to postulate that diseases are caused by germs. Pasteur's germ theory proposed that disease germs are after us because they need to prey on us for their own survival while contributing nothing to us in return. He initially believed that infectious/inflammatory diseases are a direct result of germs feasting on us. In microscopic studies of host tissues in such diseases, Pasteur, Koch and their colleagues repeatedly observed that germs proliferated while many host cells were dying. These researchers concluded that germs attack and destroy healthy cells, and thereby start a disease process in the body. Although this assumption turned out to be wrong, it had already made its debut in the world of science, and the erroneous idea that germs cause infections became an undisputed reality. Today, this idea continues to prevail as a fundamental "scientific truth" in the modern medical system.

Pasteur could have just as easily concluded that bacteria are naturally attracted to the sites of increased cell death, just like they are attracted to decaying organic matter elsewhere in nature. Flies, ants, crows, vultures and, of course, bacteria are drawn towards death. Why would this be different in the body? Weak, damaged or dead cells in the body are just as prone to germ infection as an overripe piece of fruit. Pasteur and all the researchers that followed in his footsteps made the choice of thinking of germs either as predators or scavengers. Had they assumed that cells die for non-apparent biochemical reasons (such as toxicity buildup), our current thinking about illness and health would have been completely different than it is today. We would all have grown up with the knowledge that the occurrence of inflammatory/infectious illnesses can ultimately not be attributed to germs, but must be located in the various human frailties that necessitate the forces of decay and death.

Germs only become poisonous to us when confronted with the poisons we create; our body does not battle germs because they are the enemy. An immune system reaction such as high fever or depletion of energy is meant to cleanse the body of harmful substances that otherwise could lead to the eventual demise of the entire body.

In situations of extreme toxicity, the immune system may be so overwhelmed with the poisons it tries to eliminate that it may or may not be able to save the person. In the third scenario, the immune system doesn't respond to the poisons and germs at all, and no acute disease symptoms appear (no fever, inflammations, pain). The result then is chronic, debilitating illness known as allergic or autoimmune disorders.

In the scenario where the immune system has successfully restored the body's functions, the body has acquired immunity to the germs that initiated the rescue mission. Vaccine science has pursued the question of how we can bring about lifelong immunity to an infectious-inflammatory illness without having to experience the illness first. Their assumption is that, by having antibodies in the blood for certain illness-causing germs, you are automatically protected against them. However, no proof has shown whether protection from the germs is due to the presence of antibodies or to a normal healthy immune response. It is actually much more likely that the latter is true, unless vaccine poisons have damaged or even paralyzed the immune system.

Only when the germs number or rate of growth exceeds a certain threshold are they then recognized by the immune system, resulting in the formation of antibodies specific to the particular provocative bug. A large presence of germs indicates that the cell tissue has become damaged or weak due to the accumulation of acid waste. At that level of infection, things get seriously out of control and a tribe of germs proliferates wildly and provokes the full defensive reaction of our immune system. This is what doctors call an "acute inflammatory response." Symptoms usually include fever, release of stress hormones by the adrenal glands, increased flow of blood, lymph, and mucus, and a streaming of white blood cells to the inflamed area. The afflicted person feels sick and may experience pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and chills. The sweating out and throwing off of the illness is a natural response by the body that reflects a healthy immune system. A really sick person would no longer be able to come up with such healing responses.

Once we have successfully passed the challenge of a particular illness, it is less likely that we will experience it again. Somehow the illness and our response to it have made us immune to its recurrence. It is more than doubtful, though, that vaccination can do the same for us by forcing the body to make antibodies for some germs that appear to be causing an infection. It has been shown over and over again that, despite the vaccination of a person against a particular illness, the person may just develop that very illness he is supposed to be protected against, or even more so. The mere presence of specific antibodies cannot protect anyone against any illness, only the cellular immune system can. Although it is true that science knows how to bestow antibodies through vaccination, it mistakenly assumes that it is bestowing the immune strength that can only be developed through the experience of a particular illness.

Antibodies alone are not sufficient to produce immunity. It is well known that several diseases, such as herpes outbreaks, may recur repeatedly despite high antibody levels. Whether or not antibodies are present, immunity to these infectious diseases can only be conferred by our cellular immune system. The theory that exposing the body to disease germs will trigger an immune response similar to the one generated during an actual disease experience is seriously flawed. More in the author's book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.
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Old 11-22-2008, 05:07 PM
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Pro-vaccine columnist won't give her kids flu shots

Dear Friend,

I read an interesting column in a recent issue of U.S. News and World Report by a self- professed "pro-vaccination" person… and it sounds as though there's a hefty degree of doubt (truth?) that's sneaking into the thoughts of even the most ardent vaccination supporters.

"After interviewing about two dozen experts for a feature I'm writing on vaccines, I've come to question the wisdom of the new government recommendation that all children be vaccinated against the flu," writes Deborah Kotz in U.S. New and World Report's "On Medicine" column. She follows this statement by reiterating in bold-face type that she is "very much pro-vaccines," and yet she will not take her three children for their flu vaccination shot this fall.

Hmmm… I wonder what it is that those two-dozen vaccine experts said. It must've been convincing. Sound like anyone you know?

Kotz points out exactly what changed her mind: the fact that she no longer views vaccines as "100 percent risk free and completely necessary" as she once did. Now, she sees them as "very safe medicines." That's debatable, of course. But what I find fascinating about this column is that it catalogues a pro-vaccination person's confrontation with the very questionable nature of the vaccination process.

Unfortunately, it took this medical journalist 24 in-depth discussions to overcome the years of pro-vaccine nonsense that had been pumped into her head. And this is a journalist who, I would hope, has a naturally curious mind that's willing to view most government recommendations with a grain of salt. That makes me realize what a monumental fight the anti-vaccine groups have on their hands – Ms. Kotz had access to a depth of knowledge and expertise that the average citizen never will.

In the column, Kotz takes issue with the age-old pro-vaccine argument as spelled out in a Boston Globe article. It says that in "one in a million cases" vaccines can cause a deadly allergic reaction, or is linked to a case of paralyzing Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), but that the odds of dying from flu are very great. Kotz correctly points out that a child's risk of dying of flu is, in fact, just remote: "About one in a million."

"Compare that to the risk of suffering anaphylactic shock from an allergy to the vaccine or total paralysis from GBS, and suddenly the benefits don't seem to add up to much," Kotz writes.

I couldn't have put it better myself. It's the most succinct anti-vaccination argument I've heard in a long time. How ironic that it was written by a self-professed pro-vaccination person. Go figure.

Kotz also points out that "several of the children who died from the flu last year had been vaccinated against it."

It's hard to make the pro-vaccine argument with that little nugget of truth, right? And I'd find it difficult to be properly motivated to expose my children to the risks of flu shots when, as Kotz writes, "The vaccine is 75 percent effective at preventing flu." So for all that exposure to anaphylactic shock and paralysis, there's still a one in four chance that you'll still get the flu. And it could still kill you.

Makes you want to keep your kids' sleeves rolled down, doesn't it?
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Old 06-16-2009, 05:07 PM
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The lymph flow is as essential as the blood flow, and the poisoning of the lymphatic system simply means the poisoning of the body tissues and organs." "It is up to the mothers of the land to take a determined stand and they should quickly end the compulsory vaccination of children. Without compulsion, the hideous practice would soon disappear." http://www.drbass.com/vaccination.html


Dr. Bass finds this old article worth re-publishing. It explains the lymphatic system and its function, and the effect of vaccination on this system, as well as the dangers of vaccination. Natural Hygiene doctors have always recommended avoiding vaccinations, and some of the reasons for this you'll find below. webmaster

F.P. Millard, D.O., Toronto

(Extracts from studies on the Effects of Vaccines and Serums on the Lymphatic System)

The most scientific argument yet produced, in attacking the theory and practice of vaccination and serum treatment, is the presentation of data proving the harmful effects of vaccines and serums upon the lymphatic system when these poisons or foreign substances are introduced into the system by points or needles.

Illustrations here given show the sores resulting from vaccination including tracings of lymphatic vessels and nodes that become poisoned and blocked, producing various disturbances and organic disorders ranging from suppuration of the nodes to gangrene, tuberculosis and cancer.

FIG 1. Lymphatic involvement in vaccination. The possibility of nodular enlargement in the axillary and cervical regions, including the tonsillary area, is plainly shown. The lymphatics of the entire arm may become involved and spread to the pectoral region.

We have in the human body a wonderful system of circulation, in that it is threefold. There is the arterial and venous circulation of the blood, and there is the third circulation, called the lymphatic circulation. It is the last, which here concerns us.

The lymphatic circulation has a series of channels, tubes or ducts, with a terminal drainage point in the veins on either side of the neck.

Associated with the lymphatic circulation are hundreds of glands, technically called "nodes." Now these nodes or glands are "traps," and in case of emergency they retain, until sometimes overburdened, poisons that if allowed to escape through the system at once would produce almost instant death.

When these glands become blocked and overflow, as they do in extreme cases of vaccine poisoning, the blood circulation takes up the blockage products, and death from blood poisoning is the result.

In an ordinary vaccination, the axillary glands in the armpit will be swollen and tender.
The swelling may disappear after two or three weeks, though it may persist for months and become chronic in type and even develop into malignancy in the breast or armpit.

A case reported by Dr. Peebles (M. D.) was the direct result of the virus traveling up from the armpit and forming a chronic suppurating wound in the glands under the jaw.
Gangrene of the hand as referred to by Dr Holt an authority of national repute, is another confirmation of the blockage of the circulation by chronic or indurated or even suppurating lymphatic glands

The lymph flow is as essential as the blood flow and the poisoning of the lymphatic system simply means the poisoning of the body tissues and organs.

Once the lymphatic system is blocked, there is a systemic disturbance that involves the various organs of the body, and many patients state that their breakdown and ill health date from the time of vaccination, or the poisoning of the body through blockage of the lymphatics.

FIG. 2. Showing the possibility of incipient phthisis through lymphatic blockage, as the result of vaccine or serum poisoning in the axillary region. The bronchial glands are closely related to those of the cervical region.

Hundreds of persons have died from this lymphatic poisoning following vaccination.
It is a question whether or not a severe vaccine poisoning is not more difficult to clear than a venereal poisoning. The sores following suppuration after vaccination are almost impossible to heal in some instances.

As soon as a wholesale vaccination is ordered, we see cases of sore throat, diphtheria, measles and mumps; nurses are rushed to the scene to look after patients whose temperature has been forced way above normal through this systemic pollution.

From a physical standpoint, this nation will crumble and fail if there is not a lessening in the amount of vaccines and serums used.

This wholesale pollution through vaccination has brought about nervous instability, lack of tone, vascular irregularities, and what else could happen, pray tell me - but growths, cancers, or heart failures?

Particularly note that vaccination for smallpox results in a lymphatic blockage, due to engrafting upon the human of the cells and pus from the bovine.
The bovine cell multiplies far more rapidly than the human cell. Such a graft therefore must enormously overtax the human circulation, in having to harbor and harmonize, in a degree, this foreign cell life. The very thought of grafting beast into human is so revolting, instinct as well as reason cries out against it.

Remember this:

Six swollen lymphatic glands in certain areas will make one ill.

A dozen will put you on your back.

And fifty vital glands blocked may cause death.

FIG 3. We find that vaccination on the thigh or just above the knee causes enlargement and sometimes suppuration of the inguinal nodes. Sterility may result where the poisoning involves the pelvic region.

To have a vaccination scar is a reflection on the intelligence. A scar following a solicited vaccination signifies loyalty to medical superstition. A scar from forced vaccination is a brand, a mark of medical tyranny and despotism.

I would not be vaccinated and take the risk of complications for a $10,000 draft on the Bank of England.
My children have never been vaccinated and I trust never will.

It is up to the mothers of the land to take a determined stand and they should quickly end the compulsory vaccination of children. Without compulsion, the hideous practice would soon disappear.
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Old 08-10-2009, 03:14 AM
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any idea if i can stop giving my baby the pneumococcal vaccine halfway? I have given him the first shot (with 2 more shots to go), but after got more opinion from others, thinking of stopping it... but not sure if there will be any effect?
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Vaccinations; How to Recover


Vaccinations cause various problems that have led to their becoming controversial more than ever before. Because we now know more about what happens. In this article, we plot a step-by-step route to recovery from their effects.

While some studies show that nearly 40% of those surveyed are seriously considering not vaccinating their children, the majority of those surveyed were vaccinated themselves. (1) Generally, the medical profession thinks of the dangers of vaccinations in terms of deaths or retardation due to adverse reactions to vaccinations. Many parents may think about autism concerns. Actually, the dangers of vaccinations are far more widespread and certain in two important ways.

First, vaccinations interrupt normal immune development when given before immune system maturity. When given after, they serve to hyper-excite one facet of the immune system in its relation to four other stages of natural immune system response. Normally, the immune system goes from:

- you smelling a sick person to
- contact with the mucus membranes to
- the blood (the specific area targeted by vaccinations) to
- byproducts of pathogen breakdown which then requires activity in the body cells and the lymphatic system.

When one part is over-excited, the others may not function adequately, and the one targeted is likely to react excessively and ineffectively, such as in the case of allergies and auto-immune disease.
Second, vaccinations also deposit a foreign protein (or protein particle) and its attendant cocktail of chemicals (and possibly heavy metals) into the body without natural processes (e.g. injury) to alert the body to repel any invaders. History has shown us sadly that these particles may end up deposited in the body somewhere - usually an already weak area.(2)

These two factors (immune mal-development and deposited supertoxins) have long been criticized by outspoken doctors as possible contributors to rising rates of cancer and other diseases. (3) According to Dr. Richard Schulze, the London Journal of Medicine published two articles in the 1890s which voiced the concerns of medical doctors that cancer rates had quadrupled since the introduction of the compulsory vaccination act there.

Fortunately, today we know more about how to recover from the ill effects of vaccinations than ever before. Following is a formula that can be followed to that end. Also included is a short explanation of each:

1.Do regular cleansing - monthly or seasonally. This helps your body to start cleaning out areas which normally would be ignored as a low priority.
2.Clean your liver vigorously. The liver is in charge of monitoring weak areas of the body and can change digestive chemistry and cravings to suit the needs of a needy area of the body. Unfortunately, due to clutter from stones, stress and toxicity, the liver may never have a chance to do this as it should.
3.Get a massage. The massage therapist will work areas of your body that are not normally attended.
4.Think green...drinks! Raw chlorophyll regenerates blood and enhances resistance to EM radiation and the resonance of heavy toxins.
5.Utilize technology to fight technology by using bio-energetic devices that promote healthy vibration in your home. Technologies such as Quantum Biofeedback can specifically target hidden poisons and the ill resonance they set up in your body.

Thank you for reading,
Kal Sellers, MH

(1)Riekman, Guy. "Rights and Responsibilities." 2007, Life University. Marietta, GA.
(2)Fallon, Joan. "Autism- New Hope." 2008, Life University, Lyceum Speaker.
(3)Mendalsohn, Robert S. How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor. New York:Ballantine, 1984.
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Babies: Constipation, Vaccines, Breast milk

Vaccinations can truly disrupt liver performance and digestive health. At up to 8-12 months of age the baby is not able to produce proper antibodies in response to the vaccines, which makes vaccines not only useless, but potentially very harmful. This, without mentioning the coctail of poisons and chemicals they contain. The vacciness can cause havoc to the undeveloped immune system (which is supposed to be gradually developed with the help of the mother's breast milk). It can inhibit proper building of a healthy intestinal flora, which is required for the digestion of the food and further. The whole idea (non-scientific) of vaccination is being increasingly questioned in the circles of the experts. I personally was never vaccinated against anything in my life and I never had any diseases the vaccines are supposed to protect against, despite spending a great part of my life in developing countries with low hygene levels. I have disccussed the subject of vaccination at great length in The Key to Health and Rejuvenation.

Andreas Moritz
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