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Old 05-28-2007, 08:17 AM
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Magic Kittens

Hi to anyone who's reading this! And a very warm welcome to my first ever thread. Yes, I'm a bit slow getting used to the exciting virtual world, but I'm trying hard! I'm hoping that any readers of my books, kids and parents alike, will feel free to contact me. I'd really love to hear your thoughts, ideas, comments, terrible jokes, anything...

I get a lot of readers writing to me c/o my publisher Puffin and I always reply as long as an address is included. A stamped addressed envelope would be really nice - don't often get one of these! Never mind. It's so cute to be sent drawings and photos of my readers and their cats.

For those of you who are new to Magic Kitten (or me!) here's some background about us both.

I'm Sue Bentley and the Magic Kitten books are my first series of kids books written under my own name, so it's very exciting for me. I live in Northampton, in the East Midlands, England, UK, the World, the Milky Way, the Universe. My garden is surrounded by trees and bushes and has lots of wildlife. I sit writing, while looking out at birds on the feeders outside my window. My garden is a small slice of Heaven. My favourite colour is Green. I love reading, films, walking, spending time with friends, writing and eating glorious raw and living foods.

On to my Magic Kitten books: They're for children aged from about 5 to 9 years, depending on 'reading age'. The main character in each book is called, Flame. In his own world Flame is a majestic young white lion and heir to the Lion Throne. But Flame's wicked uncle Ebony has stolen the throne and is ruling in Flame's place. He wants to kill Flame, so Flame is in disguise as a tiny kitten. Helped by his friend and advisor, the old grey lion, Cirrus, Flame comes to our world to grow stronger and wiser and will return, when he's ready, to challenge Ebony for the Lion Throne.

In each of the books Flame, in his kitten disguise, meets a different little girl to have new magical adventures with. I really love writing Magic Kitten as they include most of my favourite things - cats, nature, magic, terrible jokes (sorry, can't resist putting these in. It's often someone's dad who tells the jokes in the books!) I also love meeting my readers when I do book signings and school and library visits. This is a great age group to write for...

That's all for now - I'll write more later...Bye now and a big purr-rr-rr from Flame!

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Old 05-28-2007, 09:15 PM
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Your story sounds very interesting. What is the target reader age? Are they available in the U.S.?
Purely Delicious Magazine
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Old 05-31-2007, 02:18 PM
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Join Date: May 2007
Location: Northampton, East Midlands, England
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Mgic Kitten queery

Hi MaRaw

Lovely to hear from you. The target reader age for the Magic Kitten series is 5-9 depending on 'reading age'. As far as I know they aren't yet available in the U.S. (one day, I hope!) but you can get them on-line from Amazon or you might like to check-out the Puffin website puffinbooks.com or puffin.co.uk and just type in Magic Kitten.
Let me know how you get on!

Best wishes and a big raw hug - SueX
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Old 09-29-2008, 09:56 AM
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Cool Magic Kitten

I live in the United States and was going through our local Books-a-Million Bookstore searching for something for my 6 year old to read. I saw your Magic Kitten books and bought her the first one : A Summer Spell. My daughter didn't want to put the book down and now is going to take it to school for her teacher to read to the class. And we have plans on buying all of them. I am so glad that I found your book, it is one of the few that have held my daughters attention long enough for her to complete them.

Thank you for writing such wonderful stories.

Regina Weekley
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Old 03-07-2010, 03:20 AM
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Smile school visit

Exscuse Sue i was wondering do u think u could come 2 my school in taunton and i know u live in the uk and so do i but it might be a long trip oh let me introduce myself i am katie i am 9 and my school is Arch Bishop Cranmer primary school and i have every magic kitten and magic puppy book i also have number 1 of magic pony and soon i am getting magic reindeer and magic bunny i can't wait im so excited eeeeeeeeee sorry so if u can can u please try and visit my school and if possible could u sign some of my magic kitten and puppy books sorry if u can't sign every one of them but don't worry i only want some signed because i will cherish them 4ever thanks

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