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I highly recomment that everyone watches this video: HEALING CANCER From Inside Out by Mike anderson http://www.ravediet.com/

it exposes the medical establishment for failure to 'treat' cancer inspite of 40 years of research and promises of 'cure' They administer the same treatments since 1970's and have nothing new! No new inventions inspite of millions of $$$ solicited and collected for cancer research!

Great Interviews by people that promote a diet and lifestyle change as the only means to help your body to 'heal itself'

If you have relatives or friends who have cancer or had cancer; (IT WILL COME BACK!) or other dieseases for that matter. Show them this video! And let people learn how to reverse the disease and die of 'natural' causes ie old age? and die with 'dignity' !

J Oz

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and here: from Dr. Mercola's site:
Big drug companies have been accused of putting profits above patients, spinning false PR campaigns and more. Here are some of the most shocking facts about the pharmaceutical industry.
The price of drugs is increasing faster than anything else a patient pays for: The prices of the most heavily prescribed drugs are routinely jacked up, sometimes several times a year. Some medications have a mark-up of 1,000 percent over the cost of their ingredients.

Your doctor may have an ulterior motive behind your prescription: Drug reps often give gifts to convince doctors to prescribe the medications that they represent. These drug reps usually have no medical or science education.

Pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than research: Almost twice as much!

Guilty of Medicare fraud: Pharmaceutical companies are being tried in federal courts as a result of their exploitation of Medicare. AstraZeneca had to pay more than $340 million in penalties for coaching doctors to cheat Medicare.

The combined wealth of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies outweigh GNP of sub-Saharan Africa: In fact, the combined worth of the world’s top five drug companies is twice the combined GNP of that entire region.

Americans pay more for prescription meds than anyone else in the world: $200 billion in 2002 alone.

"New" Drugs aren't really new: Two-thirds of “new” prescription drugs are identical to existing drugs or modified versions of them.

Drug companies are taking advantage of underdeveloped countries to perform clinical trials: In developing countries, government oversight is more lax.

For more shocking facts, click the link below.

Sources: Nursing Online Education Database March 27, 2008

Dr. Mercola's Comments:
According to Corporate Watch, Fortune magazine has declared the world’s biggest drug company, Pfizer the “fifth-best wealth-creator” in America.

The question is: who benefits from this “creation of wealth”? It’s certainly not the Americans who pay a thousand percent markup for the drugs Pfizer pumps out.

Americans pay far more for their drugs than any other nation. Take this, for example: according to PricewaterhouseCoopers fascinating report, Pharma 2020: The Vision, India spends $420 per diabetic patient per year. The U.S., in comparison, spends an average of $10,844 per year per patient.Their report also states:

“The current pharmaceutical industry business model is both economically unsustainable and operationally incapable of acting quickly enough to produce the types of innovative treatments demanded by global markets. In order to make the most of these future growth opportunities, the industry must fundamentally change the way it operates.

Some of the major changes PwC anticipates for the industry are:

Health care will shift in focus from treatment to prevention.
Pharmaceutical companies will provide total health care packages.
The current linear phase research & development process will give way to in-life testing and live licensing, in collaboration with regulators and health care providers.
The traditional blockbuster sales model will disappear.
The supply chain function will become revenue generating as it becomes integral to the health care package and enables access to new channels.
More sophisticated direct-to-consumer distribution channels will diminish the role of wholesalers.
Now, some of this has an encouraging ring to it, such as shifting the focus from treatment to prevention. Other “predictions” are far more menacing, including the development of more sophisticated direct-to-consumer distribution channels for drugs.

People are Waking Up to the Truth About Health

Fortunately, more people are waking up to the illusion and deception of the drug industry as a whole, and starting to clearly see the truth. Last year’s PricewaterhouseCoopers' report cited a declining trust in the reputation of the mega-pharmaceuticals.

The main reason is because the public is absolutely right in their estimation that drug companies manipulate or suppress negative clinical trials, promote their toxic products for unapproved uses, and focus on developing drugs that are no better than older ones.

This is yet another indication that my vision to reconfigure and reform the deadly state of conventional health care in America is getting closer to becoming a reality. So keep up the good work folks. But please be aware, the battle has merely begun… Each of the 25 facts listed in the article above constitutes a problem within the system that needs to be changed or abolished.

Physicians must also, en masse, come to the realization that what they are doing is going nowhere. This may be one of the most difficult areas to change, as the pharmaceutical industry has devised a highly effective system of indoctrination and very specific psychological techniques to bamboozle physicians. Doctors usually believe they are immune to persuasion tactics, and drug reps know just how important it is to maintain that illusion – which is why it works so well.

Consider for a moment the in-depth report published in both The New England Journal of Medicine and PLoS Medicine, which admitted that pharmaceutical sales reps are trained in tactics that are on par with some of the most potent brainwashing techniques used throughout the world!

The idea that reps provide some kind of valuable, informative service to physicians is total fiction, created and perpetuated by the drug industry, to keep this deadly, but profitable, scheme going.

Poison For Profit

Another shocking fact that few consider is that virtually every major pharmaceutical company has a corresponding branch that creates the toxins and poisons that contribute to the chronic diseases their drugs and medical devices treat.

So these huge transnational companies profit not only from the sale of products such as pesticides, herbicides and GM crops, but also from the symptoms and chronic illnesses that they can trigger.

The vast majority of chemicals found in pesticides and other products undergo little or no testing for chronic, low level exposures and for chronic health effects, effectively creating a circle of destruction and double profits.

Below is a list of such chem/pharm companies:

Chemical Division
Pharmaceutical Division

Aventis (herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, GM food)
Aventis Pharma

Monsanto (herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, GM food)

BASF (herbicides, fungicides, pesticides)
BASF Pharmaceuticals

Merck Research Company (precursors for pesticides and neurotoxins)

Dow Chemical (industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals)
Dow Pharmaceuticals

Make no mistake about it. The drug companies are incredibly powerful, and overcoming their influence over your life will take a mammoth effort.

But there are concrete steps you can take to combat the drug companies' self-interest, save yourself loads of money, and improve your health so you can avoid unnecessary drugs in the first place.

Ten Steps to Reduce Your Pharmaceutical Expenses Now

Take charge of your own health now instead of handing it over to the drug companies.

How do you do that?

You can start by using the Internet to locate non-drug alternatives to your health challenges. Many start with my site as it has more than 150,000 pages to help you understand more about how you can improve your health without drugs or surgery, through simple lifestyle modifications.

These are the basic tenets of optimal health that have always remained permanent truths, regardless of what marvels modern science comes up with next:

Eat a healthy diet that’s right for your nutritional type (paying very careful attention to keeping your insulin levels down)
Drink plenty of clean water
Manage your stress
Get plenty of appropriate sun exposure
Limit toxin exposure
Consume healthy fat - plant based not animal based!
Eat plenty of raw food
Optimize insulin and leptin levels
Get plenty of sleep
If you want to further understand how corporations and government manipulate science and the media by preying upon the public trust -- and how to protect yourself -- I highly recommend the book "Trust Us, We're Experts."
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Not only are we asked to finance research and development of pharmaceuticals for the rest of the world by paying higher prices - other nations receive a different Rx than us. A friend of mine who lives both in Canada and US has healthcare in both countries. She gets the same Rx on both sides of the border. (She has alot alot alot of prescriptions.) The U.S. Rx is noticeably inferior. It is less potent and has more side effects than the Canadian Rx she says. She uses the U.S. Rx daily and saves the Canadian for when her conditions are more severe. So even though the Rx of both nations will be from the same manufacturers', same dosage, same everything - somehow they are different in function yet U.S. Rx costs more!

I think I may have wrote about this before so sorry if I am boring anyone.
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Old 04-20-2008, 08:28 AM
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Thanks for posting the info...I can't read it now but it's going into my folder for later today..
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Thanx for postin this thread
and don't even get me started with my own response on this issue. By way formula companies are in this as well.
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My question??? if drugs get compounded/pulvarized/grounded up from ''herbs''' ''leaves''' and '''roots''' they come from India, China, Africa for cents and are sold for big $$$ in America??? not the rest of the world?


India spends $420 per diabetic patient per year. The U.S., in comparison, spends an average of $10,844 per year per patient. WHY IS THIS THE WAY OF U.S. ??? NO ONE ELSE'S WAY??? !!!!

and Diabetes is a symptom !!!!!!!! Remove the Cause and be Healed!

what caused diabetes????? food, wrong kinds of food, too much of bad bad food! SO REMOVE THE WRONG, BAD, JUNK FOOD and see what will happen !

I could go on and on, i'll stop here:

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Old 04-20-2008, 12:55 PM
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Great price for both "Healing Cancer from Inside Out" and "Eating" dvd's.

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Old 04-20-2008, 03:11 PM
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check out this video.
Go to, Waving Cancer Away. Very interesting, and to think this man doesn't even have a college diploma! He makes the cancer research community look like ejits!!!
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Old 04-21-2008, 03:54 PM
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misotrue; thanks! Interesting; now one by one of the 'SHAMS' are being revealed and the rug from under AMA FDA and Pharm is being 'soiled' with their own criminal actions lies and false researches!

Dear NaturalNews readers,

Drug companies are reeling from recent revelations about their common practice of using in-house marketing writers to ghostwrite "scientific" studies. It turns out they were conducting drug safety studies in-house, writing up the "scientific" papers in-house, and then bribing doctors and academics to slap their names on the papers as if they were the actual authors. Today's feature story reveals this massive scam and how all four of the big players in conventional medicine have conspired to deceive the public: Drug companies, the FDA, the medical journals and the academics. Read the first story below for full details... (and share this story with anyone still gullible enough to believe that FDA-approved pharmaceuticals are somehow safe and effective...)

Health: Widespread Ghostwriting of Drug Trials Means "Scientific" Credibility of Pharmaceutical Industry is a Sham http://www.naturalnews.com/023074.html
(NaturalNews) The discovery that drug companies have been ghostwriting scientific studies using in-house writers, then paying (bribing) doctors and high-level academics to pretend they were the author of the article is making shockwaves across conventional...

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I have received my book '''BECOMING WHOLE'''' by Meg Wolff a cancer survivor !

How sad sad sad ! looking at her picture on the cover ! http://www.megwolff.com/bookstore.html that this is how AMA Pharma practices medicine and healing:

The ordeals Meg went through; I'm surprised she survied and is SMILING

Then we are told that this is the only treatment for cancers; cut, burn, radiate !!!!!!!!!!!



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Old 05-17-2009, 01:38 PM
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download the newest Health Book Summary! This summary will give you new and refreshing insight on how cancer is manifested.

The book, Cancer is Not a Disease by Andreas Moritz, is an informative read that explores an alternative viewpoint on how cancer is caused.

Here is some of the what is revealed in this summary...

The percentage of people who recieve chemotherapy and the percentage of patients who actually reponse favorably to it - from a 2008 study. (Page 2)
What exactly is cancer and physcially how does it express itself in the body. (Page 3)
The role of this essential element in the growth of tumors. (Page 4)
The 5 stages of cancer development. (Page 5)
Two emotional factors that could manifest into disease (Page 6)

...And more...

We're sure you'll learn a lot from this valuable summary, so go to the Archive area to get it now...

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This is so sad.............it's like going back to Middle Ages...................

YouTube video Mike Adams Natural News; just posted about the forced chemotherapy of 13-year-old Daniel Hauser, which you can view here:

AND WATCH THIS !!!!!!!! SAD! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ttt9a...eature=related

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Old 06-05-2009, 08:54 PM
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I'm trying to defend myself and need a link. I said to a guy there is good and bad cancer cells. He didn't believe there was such a thing as good cancer cells. I told him everyone has cancer cells. So I want to defend myself on everyone has cancer cells...I want to defend self everyone has good and bad cancer cells.

I told him about my health ministry Gen. 1:29 which is Hallelujah Diet. He said he was thankful that there are chickens and other animals to eat. I didn't debate with him, but I told him he can eat his chicks while I eat my veggies based on education.

Can ya help with this challenge. A link is what I wish. Thanks.

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Originally Posted by carolg View Post
I'm trying to defend myself and need a link. I said to a guy there is good and bad cancer cells. carolg
Yes; we ALL have ''cancer''' cells..........and our immune system keeps them controlled..................unless we poison our body so much so that the immune system can not keep up..........then the cancer cells take over and are the ''pack man'' and they start cleaning the toxins/poisons.................so yes they are the ''''good pack man''' that are actually keeping us alive........I Thanked my Cancer Cells for doing their job..... and in the mean time don't load my body with toxins/poisons that my body cannot clean properly! ..............

Cancer is Not a Disease!
It’s A Survival Mechanism

Discover Cancer’s Hidden Purpose, Heal its Root Causes,
And Be Healthier Than Ever

In Cancer Is Not A Disease Andreas Moritz proves the point that cancer is the physical symptom reflecting our body’s final attempt to eliminate specific life-destructive causes. He claims that removing such causes sets the precondition for complete healing of our body, mind and emotions.
This book confronts you with a radically new understanding of cancer – one that outdates the current cancer model. On average, the conventional approaches of killing, cutting or burning cancerous cells offer most patients a remission rate of merely 7%, and the majority of the few survivors are “cured” for just five years or less. The prominent cancer researcher and professor at the University of California (Berkeley), Dr. Hardin Jones, stated: “Patients are as well, or better off, untreated…” Any published success figures in cancer survival statistics are offset by equal or better scores among those not receiving any treatments. More people are killed by the treatments than saved.
Cancer is Not a Disease shows you why regular cancer treatments can be fatal, what actually causes cancer, and how you can remove the obstacles that prevent the body from healing itself. Cancer is not an attempt on your life; to the contrary, cancer is trying to save it. Unless we change our perception of what cancer really is, it will continue to threaten the life of nearly one out of every two people. This book opens a door for those who wish to turn feelings of victimhood into empowerment and self-mastery, and disease into health.

Topics of the book include:
• Reasons that coerce the body to develop cancer cells
• How to identify and remove the causes of cancer
• Why most cancers disappear by themselves, without medical intervention
• Why radiation, chemotherapy and surgery never cure cancer
• Why some people survive cancer despite undergoing dangerously radical treatments
• The roles of fear, frustration, low self-worth and repressed anger in the origination of
• How to turn self-destructive emotions into energies that promote health and vitality
• Spiritual lessons behind cancer


What you are about to read may rock or even dismantle the very foundation of your beliefs about your body, health and healing. The title, “Cancer Is Not a Disease” may be provocative to most, unsettling for many, and encouraging for a mere few. This book will serve as a revelation for those who are sufficiently open-minded to consider the possibility that cancer and other debilitating illnesses are not actual diseases, but desperate and final attempts by the body to stay alive for as long as circumstances permit.
It will perhaps astound you to learn that a person who is afflicted with the main causes of cancer (which constitute the real illness) would most likely die quickly unless he actually grew cancer cells. In this work, I will provide evidence to this effect.
I further claim that cancer occurs only after all other defense or healing mechanisms in the body have failed. In extreme circumstances, exposure to large amounts of cancer-producing agents (carcinogens) can bring about a collapse of the body’s defenses within several weeks or months and allow for rapid and aggressive growth of a cancerous tumor. Usually, though, it takes many years, or even decades, for these so-called ‘malignant’ tumors to form. In truth, tumors are never malignant.
Unfortunately, basic misconceptions or complete lack of knowledge about the reasons behind tumor growth have turned ‘malignant’ tumors into vicious monsters that have no other purpose but to kill us in retaliation for our sins or abusing the body. However, as you are about to find out, cancer is on our side, not against us. Unless we change our perception of what cancer really is, it will continue to resist healing, even through the best of treatments. If you have cancer, and cancer is indeed part of the body’s complex survival responses and not a disease, as I suggest it is, you must find answers to the following pressing questions:

 What are the reasons that coerce your body into developing cancer cells?
 Once you have identified these reasons, will you be able to change them?
 What determines the type and severity of cancer with which you are afflicted?
 If cancer is a survival mechanism, what do you need to do to prevent the body from taking recourse to such drastic defense measures?
 Since the body’s original genetic design always favors the preservation of life and protection against adversities of any kind, why would the body permit self-destruction?
 Why do almost all cancers disappear by themselves, without medical intervention?
 Do radiation, chemotherapy and surgery actually cure cancer, or do cancer survivors heal due to other reasons, despite these radical, side-effect-loaded treatments?
 What roles do fear, frustration, low self-worth and repressed anger play in the origination and outcome of cancer?
 What is the spiritual growth lesson behind cancer?

To deal with the root causes of cancer, you must find satisfying and practical answers to the above questions. If you feel the inner urge to make sense of this life-changing event, cancer that is, you will greatly benefit from continuing to read this book. Cancer can be your greatest opportunity to help restore balance to all aspects of your life, but on the other hand, it can also be the harbinger of severe trauma and suffering. Either way, you will discover that you are always in control of your body. To be able to live in a human body, you must have access to a certain amount of life-sustaining energy. You may either use this inherent energy in a nourishing and self-sustaining or in a destructive and debilitating way. In case you consciously or unconsciously choose negligence or self-abuse over loving attention and self-respect, your body will likely end up having to fight for its life.
Cancer is but one of the many ways the body tries to change the way you see and treat yourself, including your body. This inevitably brings up the subject of spiritual health, which plays at least as important a role in cancer as physical and emotional reasons do.
Cancer appears to be a highly confusing and unpredictable disorder. It seems to strike the very happy and the very sad, the rich and the poor, the smokers and the non-smokers, the very healthy and the not so healthy. People from all backgrounds and occupations can have cancer. However, if you dare look behind the mask of its physical symptoms, such as the type, appearance, and behavior of cancer cells, you will find that cancer is not as coincidental or unpredictable as it seems to be.
What makes 50% of the American population so prone to developing cancer, when the other half has no risk at all? Blaming the genes for that is but an excuse to cover up ignorance of the real causes. Besides, any good genetic researcher would tell you that such a belief is void of any logic and outright unscientific.
Cancer has always been an extremely rare illness, except in industrialized nations during the past 40-50 years. Human genes have not significantly changed for thousands of years. Why would they change so drastically now, and suddenly decide to kill scores of people? The answer to this question, which I will further elaborate on in this book, is amazingly simple: Damaged or faulty genes do not kill anyone. Cancer does not kill a person afflicted with it! What kills a cancer patient is not the tumor, but the numerous reasons behind cell mutation and tumor growth. These root causes should be the focus of every cancer treatment, yet most oncologists typically ignore them. Constant conflicts, guilt and shame, for example, can easily paralyse the body’s most basic functions, and lead to the growth of a cancerous tumor.
After having seen hundreds of cancer patients over a period of two decades, I began to recognize a certain pattern of thinking, believing and feeling that was common to most of them. To be more specific, I have yet to meet a cancer patient who does not feel burdened by some poor self-image, unresolved conflict and worries, or past emotional trauma that still lingers in his subconscious. Cancer, the physical dis-ease, cannot occur unless there is a strong undercurrent of emotional uneasiness and deep-seated frustration.
Cancer patients typically suffer from lack of self-respect or worthiness, and often have what I call an ‘unfinished business’ in their life. Cancer can actually be a way of revealing the source of such inner conflict. Furthermore, cancer can help them come to terms with such a conflict, and even heal it altogether. The way to take out weeds is to pull them out along with their roots. This is how we must treat cancer; otherwise, it may recur eventually.
The first chapter of this book provides you with profound insights of what cancer really is and stands for, seen from a physical perspective. It is an understanding of cancer you may never come across before. This new and yet timeless comprehension of cancer allows for new approaches targeted at actually healing the causes of cancer instead of merely fixing its symptomatic manifestations.
Chapters Two and Three deal with the physical and emotional/spiritual causes respectively. For clarities sake, I have tried to separate these categories, although I am very much aware that such a division is arbitrary and non-existent. I have done this for one purpose only: to emphasize that healing the causes of cancer must include restoring one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Leaving out even just one of these factors would undermine the chances of full recovery and eventually lead to the recurrence of cancer (most medically treated cancers reoccur). At least, such an incomplete approach would seriously affect one’s mental and physical health and, foremost of all, one’s state of happiness.
The following statement, which runs like a red thread through the entire book, is very important in the consideration of cancer: “Cancer does not cause a person to be sick; it is the sickness of the person that causes the cancer.” To treat cancer successfully requires the patient to become whole again on all levels of his body, mind and spirit. Once the cancer causes have been properly identified, it will become apparent what needs to be done to achieve complete recovery. This is the subject matter of Chapter Four.

Andreas Website: http://www.ener-chi.com
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carolg: it will help if we have a proper understanding of the function/pupose of VIRUSES

Andreas Morits naturopath explains it so well in his book(s) here is a few quotes;

I don't perceive viruses the way most people see them. Viruses attack only cells that are weak, damaged, and likely to mutate into cancer cells. They thrive in a fertile environment and whenever the immue system is impaired. They can prevent greater damage than they cause.

My approach is more centred on setting the basic preconditons for healing to occur. Restoring digestive functions plays a major role in all that. The liver bile ducts get clogged up with hundreds and thousands of stones when taking pharmaceutical drugs. This prevents proper detoficication of the blood and lymph, leading to increasing tissue acidosis and damage in any area of the body, including bone, joints, and muscles. My book The Amazing Liver Cleanse, ener-chi.com, describes the procedure how to remove the stones and restore the emost basic functions in the body. Another book of mine, The Key to Health and Rejuvenation, ener-chi.com, helps you find out what else you can do to improve the body through balanced diet and lifestyle changes, according to body type requirements, and a lot of advice how to enhance overall health and immunity.

If you resonate with my purely spiritual approach of Sacred Santemony, you may contact me for a phone session (see my website www.ener-chi.com) to address the (non-phsycial) root causes of you current health challenge (from previous life streams of your's).

You may also want to check out the Quantron Resonance System, which has some pretty good results with injuries and pain problems. http://www.quantronmedicine.ca/index.html . They let let you try it for 60 days, during which you can return the equipment if it doesn't work.

Viruses strike only weakened and damaged cells. They dodthat to prevent them from mutating in to cancer cells. The liver cleanse. combined with propr nourishment (see THe Key to Health and Rejuvenation, ener-chi.com, helps improve the condition of all cells in the body, thus making them immune to viral invasion. Viruses remain harmless passengers in the body, for as long as cell immunity remains strong, which is up to the person to control.

I am not in favor of killing viruses. Viruses don't cause infection, but they enter the body when parts of it need to be infected or destroyed in order to prevent a major desaster such as potential cell mutation. As so often, allopathic medicine assumes that microorganisms are behind an infection and possibly cancer, when in truth they are on our side. So, Herpes 1 is called a good virus and hepes 2 a bad virus, but this isn't true. Viruses are not bad or good, just as there is no bad or good cholesterol. Viruses can only enter cells that are weak and damaged. The viral activity rises and falls according to the degree of internal injury or toxicity present.

It is an unproven myth that viruses (or bacteria) cause disease. Even Luis Pasteur had to admit at the of his life that he made a mistake in announcing that bacteria casue infection. A certain milieu attracts the right kind of bugs to decompose or destruct what is no longer in the body's best interest. And so, just because virus material is found in infected cells doesn't mean viruses are responsible for the infection. Most of us have most viruses and bacteria that exist outside the body, right now inside the body. There are no real boundaries between the inside and outside. Whatever exists outside also exists inside. Killing germs may bring relief, but more often than not this causes a recurrance or has a "deepening" effect. When suppressed through treatments of symptoms versus casues, toxins and waste products penetrate areas of denser tissue in the body, like bones, spinal colums and joints, weakening the body further. This requires new "diseases" (survival mechanisms) to help prevent even worse calamities. They are not diseases either, just ways to cope and prevent death from occurring.

Killing the virus in the mouth means very little. All you do is prevent the virus from doing its precious job. Viruses can go anywhere in the body, and wait, wait for the right occasion to help. Viruses don't act mechanically or randomly. They are blind by nature, but they naturally gravitate to places that resonate with them, that is, have the same vibrational frequency. Molecules, atoms, subatomic particles all receive and radiate energy at specific frequencies. Like attracts like. So when a part of your body vibrates on a lower frequency (for example, when congested with stones in the liver, protein in the blood vessel walls, or waste matter in the colon) you will automatically resonate with things that are of the same vibration. This can range from wanting certain low-frequency foods (junk foods, for example, attracting people towards you that are negative, doing things that make you feel sad, fearful or depressed, to attracting germs to your body that help you infect and remove what is of that same lower frequency. There are no accidents when it comes to viral infection. Viruses simply cannot go to areas of higher vibration. Thus a healthy, clean cell cannot be infected by any kind of virus. There is simply too much protection and too little attraction for that to happen.

To get to the roots of what is really bothering you I suggest you read Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation, as well as Lifting the Veil of Duality (both avaialble throguh my website http://www.ener-chi.com.).

Herpes virus, like some many other viruses strike only when there some work for them in the body. There are millions of people who have the virus in the body, but will never get infected in their life. We all have lots of viruses in our body. They are a part of life, and without them, life on the planet would not exist. Viruses target the weak and damaged cells when the immune system and lymphatic system are not able to take care of them. Herpes strikes when the immune system is inefficient, mostly because of bile duct congestion in the liver (see The Amazing Liver Cleanse). Quite a few pregnant women have actually done liver cleanses, but this is something they must decide for themselves. I have never heard of any problems. When the body is clean and the immune system strong again, herpes virus cannot infect cells, although they may remain in the body. Andreas

Colds are (with or without virus) occur when the body is ready to or has the need to rid itself of toxins or waste matter. They help the immune system to create an unusual, but very effective outlet for what doesn't belong in the body. Drugs, such antibiotics, antihistamins, painkillers, fever-reducing medication, antidepressants, etc, suppress the immune response and may even prevent colds. This can lead to chronic illness. Colds can save lifes and make it more difficult for the body to produce cancer cells, for example. There are even studies done that show the healing power that the cold virus can have over tumor growth.

When the liver gets cleaner, the immune system is strengthened, too. This permits the body to clean out more and more of the old waste deposits that were forced into the connecitve tissues over the years. When they come out, the fastest method to clear the largest possible amount in the shortest possible amount of time is through a cold. If a cold virus is present, it may become the trigger for such a release. Once the body regains its alkaline nature, colds no longer occur.

Having said this, it would be unwise to use cold-supressing methods, but very wise to use supportive ones, such as eating lightly (veggie soups), hot ionised water with fresh ginger, lemon and honey water, 4 capsules of Pau d' Arco three times per day, etc.

Enteroviruses belong to a specific genetic class of virus. They include various forms of echovirus, and also the human Poliovirus. They usually lodge in the respiratory tract and fecal matter, and predominantly thrive in contaminatd water and feces.

Viruses, though, have been misunderstood. They don't make much sense when seeing them in isolation. Yet they paly an enormously important role in planetary evolution, and species control in particular. The disturbed ecosystem and global travel and communication presence almost everywhere.

Viruses are harmless unless they enter an area of contamination. If the body is congested and contaminated they will proliferate there too. If the brain is contaminated and congested with metabolic waste and dead cell material, these virus can easily find a home there. There is little cellular defence present that wards them off. In other words, viruses are where the body is already dying off and where the immune system is paralysed.

This situation reflects mental and emotional trauma that such a person has not been able to let go of. Most viruses are attracted by low frequency energies as found in sadness, resentment, fear, anger and jealousy. The disease-process is a way to bring these to the forefront of one's awareness, and deal with them. In the larger picture of things, this is to the benefit of the afflicted (more about this in my books Freedom from Judgment and It's Time to Wake Up, www.1stbooks.com).

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