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Old 03-25-2009, 09:58 AM
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Dutch Valley Foods says "NO MORE!" to coops, small businesses, and personal customers

I'm not sure if this is the place to post this "heads up" but I thought it matched the most. If not, moderators please move it with my apology. Thanks." Below my comments is the article written.

We had been ordering in the past from dutch valley for some organic needs and also for grains that my wife uses in her bean bag business. Our orders total perhaps 600 to 1200 annually, not large by any means but I also know several cooperative units that order an average of 3000 to 6000 annually from them. If they continue to follow through with the below then I hope they suffer all loss of profits. I'm sorry I just find this frustrating. Please forgive my venting.

Dutch valley foods is a bulk foods distributor located in pennsylvania and serving much of the north eastern section and upper mid-western sections of the united states.

If anyone has alternative bulk food suppliers that won't penalize cooperatives and small businesses I would love to hear about it. I'm concerned with continuing to support the raw food lifestyle as well as buying grains for the bean bag business. Thanks.

Large businesses and produce stores have been complaining about co-ops, small businesses, and non-food business owners buying in bulk and bypassing the retail stores. Dutch valley has listened and is taking action.

In response to large business complaints, Dutch Valley foods (www.dutchvalleyfoods.com) of Pennsylvania, has been taking proactive measures to weed out cooperative markets, small businesses, non-food businesses, and non-business customers who buy in bulk at wholesale prices. In the past several months dutch valley foods has been deleting accounts and raising prices on any customers identified as "not qualified" under their new rules for wholesale restrictions.

What does this mean? Any cooperative market, small business or private individual, that has been ordering through dutch valley foods will either see substantial price increases or find another wholesale distributor.

Non-Food businesses that use food items such as grains, etc. in non-food production and have used dutch valley as a supplier will also have to pay the increased prices or find another distributor.

A Dutch Valley Customer service manager stated that this is in response to large business complaints of cooperative markets and small businesses bypassing the retail centers. When questioned, the manager did not feel this new business policy would hurt their profit margin and stated quite bluntly that "co-ops are not businesses and are in the wrong for ordering from us."
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