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Nama Shoyu vs Tamari

Nama Shoyu is not a health product http://angelinasensational.blogspot.com/
When nama shoyu first came out I was super excited to have a soy sauce substitute, I used it all the time. At first I didn't notice the ill effects, so I kept using it. After a while, I couldn't ignore the ill effects any longer, because I started getting headaches, brain fog, and sneezing. I thought maybe it was something else, so I started eliminating other foods until I got to the nama shoyu, then I knew. Although nama shoyu claims to be a raw product, that doesn't exclude the fact that it contains gluten. I did some reading on the internet and found that nama shoyu also contains MSG. The MSG may be in microscopic amounts, but none-the-less it is still in there. Here's part of a fantastic interview with Dr. Jameth Sheridan that I think you will all find very interesting and it proves my point even further, nama shoyu is not a health product!
Jameth: Thereís the idea that some people think you should be on a completely low sodium diet because so much research has shown that low sodium diets lower blood pressure, it lowers your risk for kidney disease, for heart disease and so forth. Now that research is based on regular white table salt which is heated anywhere from 300 to 1200 degrees. It has chemicals added to it, it has inorganic iodine added to it, and inorganic iodine is toxic and can kill you if you have enough of it. Regular table salt is absolutely abysmal for your health and that should never be. Because that is so bad some people have thrown the baby out with the bath-water and say all salt is bad.
When you have no salt in your diet, or for example letís talk about when you water fast, you have large amounts of water, no salt in the water and you would think you would be extremely hydrated but when you water fast youíre actually slightly dehydrated. Because when you have too much salt from any source you hold too much water in your body, thereís too much water held in solution in your body you become puffy and retain fluids. If you have too little salt, salt is what allows you to hold on to fluids, you canít hold on to enough fluids and no matter how much water you drink, in fact the more water you drink when you donít have enough salt, the more dehydrated you become and the more work your kidneys have to do to maintain the salt you have in your system. So salt balance is essential.
Now you would think that on a natural diet you should be able to get enough salt from salty vegetables like celery or tomatoes and in some cases I think thatís accurate. But for anyone sweating or doing anything athletic or people who genetically have low blood pressure or most people in my experience need to have additional sources of organic sodium. If you look to animals in nature whenever there is a salt-lick around the animals flock to it and start consuming that salt- lick. Even animals in nature, you even find predator and prey near each other at salt-licks licking the salt because the prey is so drawn to that salt that theyíll risk getting eaten by a predator just so they can have that salt. Thereís something very valuable about it.
The best form of salt in my opinion by far in any community is miso, because miso used to be considered cooked which was completely wrong because miso starts out cooked but itís aged for two years. Usually itís in wooden casks like they used to do in the old days and its treated with probiotics and enzymes and by the time miso comes out every square molecule of that miso has undergone enzymatic and probiotic action and miso actually has a huge life force field around it. Itís anti-cancer, itís anti-radiation, itís a tremendous antioxidant, itís a tremendous healing food and only a small part of it is salt. To me itís the number one, I actually consider miso a superfood. A hardcore superfood up there with any other superfood and it compares statistically and with research. Itís a live, living salt.
The next salt, the next things you would go to I think would be a shoyu type or tamari soy sauce. Years ago there was a mistake in the raw food community that someone thought or was led to believe that nama shoyu was raw soy sauce and tamari was not. People said tamari is poisonous crap, itís cooked, and nama shoyu is the way to go. And let me tell you the truth on that, Iíve done a lot of research on this. Tamari is the worldís original soy sauce, made in Japan, back to recorded records. Miso was made, and the liquid that floated to the top of the miso was tamari, that was what was tamari. It was aged. It was fermented in a good way with bacteria and enzymes and no wheat was ever added to this there was no such thing as wheat in Asia. And today tamari is made on its own and fermented on its own.
Nama shoyu is a very recent, thousands and thousands of years there was tamari and the ingredients are soy beans, water and salt, enzymes and probiotics that treat this. Nama shoyu is made differently whereas today they add westernized wheat to nama shoyu. The wheat actually when it ferments forms a large amount of alcohol. So it has a less full bodied flavor than tamari and it has a larger alcohol content which isnít necessarily a problem but thereís less flavor to it and since it has wheat in it people with wheat allergies and people with gluten intolerance which is a big percentage of the population cannot consume it. And tamari, unless someone actually went out of the way to pasteurize, it is not cooked. Tamari is raw, so is nama shoyu. Theyíre equally as raw, but tamari is made the traditional healthy way, has a stronger better flavor than nama shoyu and is completely gluten free.
Nama shoyu has destroyed, I mean absolutely reeked havoc, destroyed raw food cuisine for anyone who is wheat sensitive or anyone who has celiac disease which means they canít have any gluten whatsoever. Itís just eliminated that for them and itís less healthy for them than tamari. Thereís no reason you need to be having wheat in your tamari, in your soy sauce. So to me, tamari, excuse me nama shoyuís time has come due to an error, someone thinking it was raw and tamari was not and itís now time for it to go. It has no place in the raw food community, I donít think whatsoever, because we have superior alternatives and that would be gluten-free tamari.
There's a new product out on the market that I will be trying soon (although I am quite happy with wheat free tamari on the rare occasion I make Asian style foods) It's called Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Aminos. I will write about that experience next time.

Blessings and hugs!
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